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Megan knows the importance of training with someone who instills confidence in your riding abilities, using a positive teaching technique to develop a strong skill set. Megan loves the sport of eventing and knows that hard work pays off. Educating a rider to be more effective is always Megan’s objective while coaching. Expanding each rider’s skill set to better communicate with the horse will continue to both produce results and meet goals.

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Megan is always looking to help any rider at any level achieve results and a true partnership with their horse.

Whether you are looking for a training program to fine tune you and your equine’s partnership or looking to develop a strong foundation for your young horse, Megan has an excellent eye for quickly assessing the situation and applying appropriate training methods for any combination. Megan also strives to create a safe and fun environment bringing her bright personality into all that she does.

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Click through the images below to see photos of “Team Have At It’s” themed jump days. These group jump days are such a highlight and promote team building throughout the year.

Always approach every ride and every horse as an individual and never bring your baggage into the saddle!
— Megan Edwards - Founder of THAI

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